I heartily recommend Revolvestore for any and all Volvo work. I've been doing business with them for 10+ years and have always been pleased with their work. Their prices are reasonable, they are a pleasure to deal with, and stand behind their work 100%. I only wish all businesses were as good to work with as these folks.

David B. 10/14/19



Highly recommend these guys!  They did extensive work on our Volvo, the next day it wouldn't start.  Not only did they pay for a tow truck, they replaced the battery.  We're very happy with their work and customer service!

Sylvia, M 10/2018

Always good work, reasonable prices, friendly staff.

Dave M. 10/2018

RevolvStore’s owner Andy and his staff are the most professional, responsive and personable folks you could ask for. My recently acquired Volvo was found to have a failed engine and a mangled electrical problem as a result of a former owner’s bad installations. The work was formidable and they went far and beyond to replace the engine and make the car perfect again. It was all done with utmost courtesy and good communications. I could not be happier. There is no doubt that RevolvStore will remain my service center for the life of this car.

Rick P. 09/2018

I cannot say enough good things about the Revolvstore. After having taken my car their for three years, I can safely say they are the most pleasant mechanic I have ever dealt with, and their customer service is some of the best I've experienced in any context.

They are incredibly thorough in what they do, but that somehow never impacts their promptness. If they say they'll have something done by the close of business, they'll probably have it done before lunch. They communicate clearly-not only do they go over everything that needs attention (which in my case was substantial), they explain how that particular part or system got beat up, what that part does, and what might happen if it goes unfixed. This was a refreshing change of pace from what I was used to, which was usually getting a list of problem areas with little to no explanation, and was definitely a huge help for someone without extensive car knowledge.

When things did need fixing, they were always fair. They provided a range of estimates covering new options to refurbished, and left the decision entirely in my hands-no up-selling or pressure. More to their credit, the bill always seemed to come in a little below what was estimated, and I never had issue with the work done.

On top of all of that, the people are just plain pleasant. Andy, the owner, is about as hands-on as they come, and always greets customers as they arrive. Chad, the office manager, is just as friendly, and is quite patient when asked a multitude of questions.

Again, I cannot recommend the Revolvstore enough. If you have a Volvo, bring your car here.

Jsoh M. 7/2018

Got a Volvo... Go to REVOLVSTORE!

What a great find for service and repair of your Volvo in Tucson!  Highly recommended for professional, quality, guaranteed service for Volvo.

W. J. 3/2018

What a great shop!  This was my first time in Revolvstore as the warranty just expired on our XC60. From the moment I walked in I knew this place was different.   The exact opposite of the dealership service department.   These guys were friendly and quick to help.  Chad was great at getting me started and the owner, Chris, came out and thanked me for my business.   My repairs were done as promised for a fair price.  Thank you!

Pete S. 3/2018

Very friendly people the owner is awesome and they do great work on your Volvos

Lori B.  2/2018

I have known Andy since 2007, Chad since 2009. They have been with me in the care of my Volvo's for long time. I have always had great communications, service, and treated with the utmost respect. Thanks to all of the mechanics over at the Revolvstore!!!

Demetrius B. 1/2018

I am giving my honest and glowing review of the Revolvstore Service Center. The bottom line for me is that these are honest, very knowledgeable, professional, and fair Volvo mechanics. The shop is very clean and has the best Volvo mechanics I have had work on my car. I have a 2001 Volvo station wagon with 145,000 miles. When I moved recently from Los Angeles to Tucson, I knew that I would need to establish a relationship with a good Volvo shop. I searched online and Revolvstore had, by far, the best reviews and a lot of them.

 Jake C. 12/2017

I used to have this incredibly crappy Volvo, and took it to a different shop on Stone. That guy was SUCH an a$$hole, someone recommended Revolvstore to me and I never took the car anywhere else after that. They are honest and dependable, and do their best to find used parts when appropriate. If I ever buy another Volvo again, I will do so with confidence knowing that Revolvstore is there to help me with my car.

Mindy S. 6/2017


The quality of service always meets expectations but their customer service keeps me coming back for all my Volvo needs.  I must say the team really cares about their customers which is displayed in everything they do and they have a big passion for Volvo and taking care of your vehicle.  I promise you will not find a better mechanic shop around.  This is a rare find.  If you have a new or vintage Volvo this place is the best.

                                                                                                            John H 2017

Very professional, knowledgeable and kind staff! My 2004 Volvo S60s check engine light came on upon arriving to Tucson for a day trip. I was losing power and the car was not functioning. Luckily I found them online, they took my car in with no notice at all, diagnosed, and fixed the problem all within a couple of hours.

                                                                                                      Meghan S 2017


I've known Andy for many years but never needed work done by the Revolvstore because I live in Tempe. However when my '71 1800E finally headed to have its engine rebuilt I automatically turned to Andy & his people. I was not disappointed. Andy, Kari, Chad, Thomas, Robert and all the other guys who work on Volvos, are consummate professionals! Courteous,, knowledgeable, hard working and thorough. I recommend The Revolvstore to anyone with a Volvo who wants it fixed right!

                                                                                                             Jay N   2017

I can't say enough good things about these guys. I have a 2001 Volvo V40 with 110,000+ miles that usually runs great, but frankly, I can't afford to spend a lot of money maintaining it when it doesn't. They understand this and do their best to keep my costs down: good used replacement parts when available, they let me know what will need fixing soon--but no pressure-- and they have gone way, way above and beyond in dealing with tricky computer/check-engine-light problems that make it hard to pass inspection. What more can you ask for?

                                                                                                          John H   2016

Andy, Chad and the rest of the team have shown me nothing but professional, friendly and honest service. I couldn't be happier about my experiences here. But make an appointment because these guys are busy!

                                                                                                       Marlee F  2016

I've recently become the owner of a 2003 XC-70. It's in great shape for the age but it is over 12 years old and needed some work. I went to Tucson Volvo for oil changes first for oil changes. The first visit they left the cover on the air filter (after just checking it) not connected properly and with a huge gap in it! I live in a very rural area that requires a 10 mile dirt road to get home. That was not cool! So anytime I went in for oil changes, I told them that I had a K & N filter that I cleaned and PLEASE do not touch it!

They would always go through the Volvo and give me a shopping list of items they felt I needed to do. It made me want to scream and get rid of the car!

I heard about Revolvstore from a friend in Prescott who has owned several Volvos and highly recommended the repair shop, so I decided to give them a try. Boy, am I glad I did! The service is amazing. Customer service is unlike any I've ever experienced at a automotive repair shop. Being a woman, you become very sensitive to being treated like a imbecile with limited intelligence. Not here! I gave them my list from Tucson Volvo and told them I was ready to go on a long road trip and asked them to check the car out and tell me what they saw. They came back with a report and EXPLAINED what needed to be done and WHY! What a concept, huh? :)

I live about an hour and a half from town and needed nearly a full day's of work. I had planned on spending time at the mall and catching the bus and trying to fill time in whatever manner I could. I had a dentist appointment in mid-afternoon. Once Andy's right hand man found out that I had the appointment, they arranged for a car for me--amazing! And their prices are less expensive than the dealer. Yay!

I was thrilled when I got the car back and could tell that it was riding better than it had since I bought it! I actually enjoy it now and am thinking that maybe Volvos aren't so bad after all. ;)

Andy, the owner, called me a day later to make sure I was happy with their service. I was very happy to tell him that he has a loyal customer! I highly recommend them, and I can tell you that is an understatement!!                                                                                               


            DeniseT.                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you are looking for an alternative to the dealership, look no further.  Having an older Volvo that I didn't want to sink a ton of money into, Andy, Owner, was spot on with the repairs necessary to keep the car on the road safely. Andy's crew repaired the car within my budget and on time.  His crew kept me informed and were professional and curteous.  Hands down winner!

                                                                                          Brett R.



The only place I take my Volvo for that dealership quality service work without the high price markup. Honest, reliable are some adjectives that describes my experience with them.  Andy the owner is very friendly as well, i always have a since of security when my car is under their care.  

                                                                                        Magnus U.


What Einstein is to physics, what Beethoven is to counterpoint, is Andy to the mysterious tractor-interiors of Volvo engines. Not only are Andy and his capable staff as knowledgeable about Volvos as anyone on the planet who does not actually speak Swedish, Andy is that rarity of all rarities: a fair and ever-honest mechanic, who truly cares for the well-being of his family. He will see that things get fixed before you break down in the desert! I have never had a better mechanic...                                                                                                                                                                    Jim Campbell, Tucson


The day I left Boulder, Colorado I asked my mechanics if they had any recommendations in Tucson, Arizona. They smiled when they said "The best, the Revolvstore. Tell Andy we said Hello!" For the last five years I have been a faithful customer. Andy and his team at the Revolvstore have always gone above and beyond to keep me on the road. Once they sent me help when I was stranded over a hundred miles away! They even answered my father's volvo questions all the way from NY. The people who drive volvos know, there is a special bond between driver, car, and mechanic. You know what I mean. If you love your car you better bring it to the Revolvstore exclusively. Thanks for keeping this gal and her classic 245 volvo wagon on the road way past 300k!! There will always be a special place in my heart for the Revolvstore.                                                                                                                         Signed AM


Thanks Revolvstore  for trouble shooting and keeping my 1998 V70 running. Drove it from Tucson to Chicago and back and had no worries-- about my car at least. I could not afford to own an older Volvo without you all.                                                                                                                Cheers, Joy, Peace Mitch
                                                                             Thank you!                                                                                                        

After an utterly ridiculous series of events I finally found Revlovstore. A con artist of a mechanic in Los Angeles CA mis-diagnosed an issue I was having with my 2002 V70xc. He did a bunch of unnecessary and overpriced work that did not fix the car and left my wallet $2500.00 lighter. When I arrived at revolvstore Andy and his team got to work diagnosing the car. They were able to pinpoint the problem after some troubleshooting and had it fixed for me the next morning after the part arrived. They also got me a ride to a hotel since I was traveling through and not from Tucson. The prices were fair and the work was fast. They even gave me a break on the price because they were so baffled by how the other mechanic had taken advantage of me. These guys were a real blessing and a pleasure to meet. I wish they had a shop in my hometown.                                                                                                                                                                                              Ryan


At our last visit to another shop, we were presented with a long list of Action Items befitting the age of our car.  Due to the expense implied, we decided to look for an independent garage to do the work.  I'd seen the Revolvstore for years on my visits to 4th Ave and decided to give them a try. 
  When I called to ask for a quote, Andy, the shop owner, called me back within 15 minutes and offered a very fair quote for the work.  He was polite, answered my questions fully, and went a long way towards earning my business. 
  I called back a few days later to schedule service - replacing both front struts and an engine mount - and spoke with Adam, the service advisor.  He was able to arrange service sooner than anticipated and suggested that he might be able to do it for less.  When I dropped the car off, he offered me a ride (nice, and not expected at an independent shop).  The work turned out to be more involved than expected, and Adam arranged for a rental car for me - also very unexpected and very nice. 
  In the end, the total repair cost was over $500 less than the price quoted by the dealership.  Every step of the experience was positive - from my initial conversation with Andy, clear through the tech, Kyle, showing me the worn-out parts.  I will take my vehicle back without hesitation!  Highly recommended.
                                                                                                        A. L.
​We can't say enough great things about Andy and all the crew. They are all wonderful, they do a great job and we thank the powers that be that we found them. Honesty is their middle name.
                                                                                                        G. B.
We've been bringing our 2001 V40 to the Revolvstore for about two years now and have nothing but good things to say about their service. Probably the best thing is that, unlike the dealer, I don't have to expect to spend a grand every time I bring the car in. When appropriate, they always try to find used parts to do the job for the least cost. Thanks
We can't thank Andy, Adam, Chuck, and all the rest of the great staff and technicians at The Revolvstore Service Center for all of their outstanding service to our 1987 Volvo 245. We've been doing business with Andy for many years and he and his crew have always performed to the highest standards of customer care and professionalism. I recommend The Revolvstore Service Center to all of my friends that have Volvos and even folks I don't know, like at a gas station or other venue as I want to share with them the experience of total Volvo care perfection. Again, many thanks to Andy, Adam, Chuck, and the rest of the great staff and technicians at the Center. We couldn't have been able to keep our "baby' in such great health in her 265,000+ miles without this team of terrific individuals.
​                                                                                        Thanks!      H.T.                        

I have been a Volvo owner for years and have been through a few shops including the dealerships.
I currently own TWO older Volvo 850's and try to do most of my own work.  Andy and Adam are top notch and KNOW their Volvos.  They can find the part I need (new or used) and freely share their knowledge if I call for advice during a home repair.  Andy has talked me through a few tricky places on the phone. 
Highly recommend this shop!        
                                                                                                       K. S.

Andy and the team at Revolvstore did a great job taking care of our XC90.  We were on a college visit trip from San Diego when we had engine trouble coming in to Tucson.  The Revolvstore guys did a great job answering our questions, posted videos on Youtube of the work, and even checked on my wife during the drive back to San Diego to make sure she was safe.
Awesome job.  Highly recommended for their skill, professionalism and customer focus.  Thanks!
                                                                                     S. D.    04-30-12

Thank you for your excellent service.  My 1990 Volvo has 300,000+ miles on it.  You have always been able to diagnose quickly and easily fix any problems I have brought to your shop.  Were it not for you, I would not be able to keep my 22 year old car running safely on the road.  Thank you again for all your help.                                            K. C.   06-19-12

Love Andy and the "crew" at Revolvstore!!!  Wonderful people.
                                                                                        B. A.  07-05-12

I have been a Revolvstore fan for nearly two decades, I recommend them to all that have Volvo's. Thank you Andy and his team for the MANY years of service to me and my family!                         
                                                                                        D. A.    06-23-12

I want to thank Revolvestore for the exceptional customer service they provided me on a trip to Tucson to visit our sons on Labor Day weekend. We arrived Wednnesday evening, called Thursday afternoon (8/23/12) for an appointment, and was scheduled for Friday morning! Our car, a '98 S70 T5, was finished by noon. The repair was a leak on the turbo oil drain pipe and took about an hour and a half to fix. I am very impressed by the professionalism exhibited by Revolvestore and will be scheduling a proactive waterpump replacement on my next visit to Tucson. Keep up the GREAT work and THANKS again!
                                                                                                         F. K.

My husband and I recently bought a 1996 960 Volvo. Andy and his staff of professionals went the extra mile to diagnose and repair all of the mechanical issues that the previous owner neglected or created. Their work and customer service exceeded our expectations and earned them 3 dozen homemade cookies. We would not hesitate to recommend Revolvstore to any Volvo owner.                   
                                                                                                                K . B.

Always knowledgeable, honest and fair. Andy and the entire Revolvstore are awesome!                                       
                                                                                                                C . M.

A big big shout out to Andy and the guys at his wonderful Volvo shop!! My car feels like it is brand new-- they were super professional, skilled and knowledgeable about everything, and have weaned me from the Dealer in one day!!( after 40 years of only Volvo Dealers!!). Thank you Vicente for introducing me to this great place. If you have a Volvo, this is the place to go for service!!
                                                                                                                J . G.

The REVOLVSTORE team is made up of specialized professional technicians. "Andy" the owner, operates a highly respected top knotch shop for service, pricing, efficiency and repair time all done with integrity. I have been a long, long time customer of the Revolvstore for many, many years. So much so, that I am dedicated to take my 1981 sedan with nearly 300,000 original miles on the engine to Andy and the dedication is returned to me for his word and promise of sound repair work that has always been done correctly the first time around. Andy keeps honored workmanship a priority. My dedication to Revolvstore as a customer is reflected in my scheduled travels for maintenance and those emergency repairs from where I drive in from out of state, because I know what I am getting in valued service. My trust and dependability on Andy and his crew for me to drive a safe and sound car with reliability for safety is worth it! For the amount of traveling I do, it makes it a pleasure to be an out of state customer. It is worth my time and cost for the 5 hour drive for his service which is committed to excellence, honesty and integrity. We will get the engine to 500,000 miles! Cheers! Happy Customer.

My wife and I are first time Volvo owners. Revolvstore has made the experience remarkably easy for a car nearing 20 years old. Thanks to Andy and the experts at Revolvstore our 90's 240 Wagon runs like a dream and will continue to for the foreseeable future. We have been lucky to find such knowledgeable, friendly & helpful experts who always get the job done right; quickly & efficiently. There is NO other shop we'd consider taking our vehicle to for service other than Revolvstore. It is our end all-be all Volvo shop.                                                                      T.D. 10-09-12

Best place in Tucson to take your volvo for repairs if you want and honest mechanic. They have worked on my car for years I would not think of going anywhere else.                                                                     T.A.  

The Revolvstore is the best specialized service center I have ever dealt with. "Andy" the owner, operates a highly professional repair shop for Volvo service with an emphasis on high quality work and fair pricing. I have been a customer of the Revolvstore since moving to Tucson from Boston 5 years ago. We have 2 Volvo's, a 1993 with 355,000 miles and a 2003 with low mileage and I trust the Revolvstore to keep them both in tip-top shape. All of my Volvo repair work and service has been completed correctly, on time and hassle free. I trust Andy and his crew because of their excellent service, honesty and integrity.                 
                                                                                            Boston Dave

As I had mentioned in my last testimonial, I came to Tucson from Prescott to have the water pump replaced on my wife's Volvo. Again, I have nothing but praise for the service and technical expertise exhibited by the staff of Revolvstore of Tucson. Their recommendations will assure me of years of continued excellence from our Volvos. I will be taking my Volvo, a '91 940GLE with a B234, to Tucson to do the timing belt. This is my 'baby' and I know Revolvstore will give her the same care and attention I have come to expect. Thanks again,                                
                                                                                              FLK 3/28/2013